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Repairing Fractured Relationships

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One of the hardest things in the world is working out how to repair a fratured relationship. A fracture is a small crack, not a complete break, so with this knowledge the task immediately becomes easier….or does it?

The biggest obstacle is often your own recalcitrance.   After having succesfully maintained a fracture, you now have to ‘swallow pride’ and begin dialogue. What do you say when you haven’t spoken to this person for so long?   Is there still a Values discrepancy?   What will they say?   Like any change, fear often appears.   Fear, of course, is nothing more than an unconscious projection of things going wrong.  

There are many ways of tackling this issue, and of course, things may go wrong if the other person doesn’t want to talk.   But this is a fracture, not a break, so keep it simple, say ‘Hi’ and spend a few minutes talking about something easy.   People often simply respond to their own habits,or, to someone elses negative expectation.   But you can set your own standards. So face the fear and Discover Peace Of Mind.

Rodney Lovell

The Women’s Empower Hour with Dr Dietra Payne

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For those who missed my appearance with Dr Dietra Payne on The Women’s Empower Hour, here is the link for the replay.

The Womens Empower Hour

The Womens Empower Hour

Scroll to the episode titled”Strenghtening Relationships Between Men and Women ” . I appeared as a guest with Al Cole from Boston’s radio 100.7 WZLS.

In true ‘the show must go on’ tradition, I began the show whilst being driven in a car. Having recently landed in Brisbane, I still hadn’t unpacked my case. Whizzing around unfamiliar streets, I had a mobile phone to my ear, calling USA via a ‘phonecard’. On my knee sat my laptop with mobile internet connection. I was trying to read the listeners questions being typed into the on-line chat room.   Depending on the direction of the car, the sun shone on the screen and I couldn’t read anything!   Sometimes, my voice was bouncing back to me down the phone line, so it sounded to me as if I was talking over myself.   Eventually, the phone signal dropped out. Unfortunately, I was in mid-sentence.   So, if my speech sounds a little disjointed in parts, it may be because I was distracted by heavy traffic, or, trying to read the laptop screen, or, I was hearing myself on two second delay.   Nevertheless, I eventually made it to a landline and called back in….The only thing was, it was somebody else’s office, and, I had to ask them if they’d leave their office for an hour whilst I used their phone to call USA.  

It was a great experience.   Thanks Dietra!

Rodney Lovell