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If you like your music, discover [ME]

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One of my long time passions is listening to music. For me, music has been a constant, taking me from the depths of despair in the dark days and soothing stresses, or just being plain enjoyable. However, I never went to see many bands in concert, preferring to listen to MP3’s, CD’s, LP’s, EP’s, 45’s and even cassettes.   I did make one recent exception.   Word came to me of a band named [ME] that sounds a lot like Freddy Mercury and Queen.   Now that’s my kind of music…so Dianne and I trekked off to see [ME] on their northern states tour and…wow!  

Check out [ME] at and


 Damian Tapley, [ME] guitarist with Rodney Lovell from Melbn PtyLtd

Judging – Are you fair?

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Recently I was in a speaking competition.   I was thrilled with my performance and confident that I would win.   Yet the judges placed me third.   I had a few people say later that they thought I should have won.  They also said, “You must be so disappointed”. To the contrary…I absolutely nailed what I set out to do.   My only disappointment is that I now can’t use a ‘first place’ in my advertising!

On other occasions when I have won competitions, I have been disappointed because I didn’t keep to the points I wanted to practice.   Pleased to win? Yes. Yet knowing that I didn’t do what I wanted to.

And there lies the differences.   Sure, evaluate feedback, yet you know what you are trying to do and therefore you are often the best judge…if you are fair on yourself.   If you are too hard, or rely on others to judge you all the time, may I suggest you Discover Peace of

Rodney Lovell

Leo Russell Sports

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Last week I flew down to good old Melbourne town for one day. The cool weather was a refreshing change from the constant summer humidity in Brisbane.   I had an hour to fill in so I used it to go shopping. To one shop.

Out at West Preston is the best old-fashioned shop I know. Leo Russell Sports.   They sell nothing but Asics sports shoes and significantly cheaper than retail stores, and Leo Russell stocks a larger range.   However, over the past few years iit seems there are forces who don’t like Leo Russell from selling below recommended retail price.

For those who like to support the underdog, support 75 years of community service and get super-great discounts with an old-fashioned touch, I recommend Leo Russell Sports. 24 Gilbert Road, West Preston. (03) 9484 1343. Cash only!

And if you need to post them to your friends in Brisbane, or anywhere else, the post office is across the road.

While you’re getting discounts, don’t forget you can get free copies of Think and Grow Rich, and, The Richest Man in Babylon from my other website…

Rodney Lovell

Feedback – How do you give it? How do you take it?

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“This is a safe learning environment”, soothed the presenter.   “We listen to what you say”, he cooed.   “We may not agree with it, but rest assured that we will listen”.   “Feel free to speak freely.   We want you to have a powerful learning experience”.

What a great place to learn, I thought.

At the break in this seminar, I received a phone call from a store I had recently visited. I had submitted some feedback using their email service. “Thank you so much for your feedback.   We’ll pass it on and encourage our staff to keep up the good work.”  I had been pleased with the sevice I had received and forwarded an email to the store management.

Back to the seminar….One of the world’s leading training organisations had their head trainer on stage. Surely it couldn’t be any safer than this. Until he asked, “Who isn’t getting into this yet?” My hand went up.   The only hand of 100 people that went up.   On stage, he stopped, crossed his arms, looked at me and said, “That’s a shame”.

A little later, I indicated I’d like to ask a question. I was introduced as, “The man who hasn’t gotten into it yet”.     At the next break, a group of women approached me. One said, “That’s why we don’t raise our hand. You’ll get attacked”.

The presenter’s response to my honest answer alienated a section of his audience.   His opportunity to demonstrate the safe learning environment had evaporated.   Actions speak louder than words.

By contrast, I used to work with a man named Ben. He was a quiet worker who became quite animated when he saw something other than what he liked. He yelled and hollared his opinion at anyone he saw doing wrong and justified it by saying, “I’m only speaking my mind. That’s what you want isn’t it?”  His co-workers would be shocked, intimidated and sometimes in tears.   Off he would go to the boss, a very business-like man named Keith. Keith could be very forthright himself.   However, Keith recognised Ben’s frustration, calmed him and explained things. Yet Keith didn’t just calm the situation, he listened to the underlying feedback and evaluated it.

Keith’s staff understood that feedback was valued. Things may not change yet the staff understood they were safe to provide an opinion.

But feedback isn’t just for complaints.   Try telling the boss you enjoyed the day’s work. Write a letter to the manager of a store when you get good service.

Feedback is a sharing of your feelings…How you felt about something.  It is the transmission of your evaluation to someone who can do something about it.

One of the fine lines with feedback is that you are judging.   Judging is also an evaluation, an opinion against your values.   Understanding values is a key to Discovering Peace of Mind.   Once you Discover Peace of Mind, you will truly be able to understand the process of feedback – how to give it and how to take it.

Rodney Lovell