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The Biggest Winners and The Biggest Losers

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Wow!   Imagine being so focussed that you could lose half your body weight.

Of course, you would have to be grossly overweight to make that feasible in the first place.  I would look pretty silly walking around at 45kg.   But if I was 167kg and dropped to 80kg then that is a little bit different.   And that’s what the winner of The Biggest Loser achieved.

Bob Herdsman is no dummy.  A former policeman, now a business owner, Bob seems a very laid back, calm sort of guy.   Yet he had allowed himself to balloon out to 167kg. However, over the course of four months, he changed his lifestyle and changed his life….actually, he saved his life.

There are not too many heavily obese older people in our society. Often, obesity is a trigger for cardiac arrest and it’s the overweight people who drag the average life expectancy figure lower.   At 57, Bob was the show’s oldest contestant.   He admitted he wasn’t overly strong or naturally athletic, but Bob persisted and outshone the smaller, faster, younger, stronger opposition.

At this point, some will say, “But Bob must have….” and slip in some sort of justification.  So let’s look at the second place winner.

Bob’s daughter in law Tiffany, a young mother started herBiggest Loser  journey at a sluggish 113kg. Her effort sees her now at a vibrant 59kg.   Bob and Tiffany spent a large portion of the show at separate training locations.   Tiffany contrasts Bob perfectly, nearly eliminating the “Yes, but” that is often heard from outsiders commenting when someone significantly achieves.

Even with the across the board results of all contestants demonstrating this proven method of weight loss, people still criticize. “Yes, but it is unrealistic to train that much”.   Yes it is, but do you train at all?  
“Yes, but they will have flabby skin.”   Some may, some may not. And,they had flabby skin anyway, it was being stretched by all that fat.
And as the channel 9 Today show host asked Tiffany, ”Yes, but do you feel deprived not being able to have a Tim Tam?”   The inbuilt supposition is you ARE deprived if you can’t eat a chocolate biscuit.

People will clutch at anything to criticise achievement, even in an innocuous, questioning way.   These people are the biggest losers.

And as a society we ‘absorb’ that knowledge, that if we do succeed we are open to criticism.   This is in stark contrast to our inherent, basic need for love and acceptance.   It is this contrast that, unconsciously, stops people from achieving their goals.  Our inbuilt ‘auto pilot’ says, “If I succeed I will be criticised.”  

To overcome this self sabotage requires immense focus.   Bob & Tiffany used a personal coach to help them focus and breakthrough their barriers. Another method is simple guided hypnotic visualisation.   My own craving for choc-mint biscuits disappeared instantly using this method. Also, try modelling the actions of people who have achieved the results you are looking for.

 To be the biggest winners, to achieve their goals and discover peace of mind, Bob and Tiffany are classic examples of everything that is required.   Seek a coach, focus, take action and persist in doing new things.

Wow! Imagine achieving all that you want.

Rodney Lovell

Who is Rod Lovell?

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I thought I would have a look at how many people are named “Rod Lovell”.   Wow! I knew there were two others in Australia, a couple in USA and one in Barbados, but I found over 60!   

I wonder how many of you there are.

Rodney Lovell

Save our planet? We can’t even save our streets.

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Over the past two years, I’ve lived in, worked at or visited Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Phillipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.   The one thing that stands out in each is the amount of litter, either large, little or inappropriate.

The Kabul River in Afghanistan is a tragic sight as it trickles through the summer months.  Daily, it is filled with rubbish thrown in  by riverside markets sellers.  Beginning in the mountains west of Kabul it thunders during the winter travellling west into Pakistan.   It is a source of irrigation and life, yet also germs and disease.

In western civilisaton, we are fortuante to have rubbish collections, and public rubbish bins.   Our cities are reasonably clean.   So it is entirely unnecessary to litter….anywhere.   

If you want to see an example of ‘Justification‘ in action, speak to a litterer.  

In a forest area, a man threw fruit away.  It was unsightly sitting in an open area.  He justified it as ‘returning to earth’ and ‘feeding the animals’.   Sorry mate, that’s called littering….and he did it in front of his young son.

On trains I’ve heard, “Well, everybody else does it”.   There are numerous bins at railway stations.

In picture theatres a bin is at the door on the way out, yet the theatre often looks like a tip by the end of the show.

Cigarette butts are everywhere. “It’s only small”, and, “There’s no bin handy” are two excuses that come to mind.   However, if the smoker can carry a full length cigarette in a packet, why can’t they carry a tiny butt with them?

Fast food restaurants….”Leave it for the cleaners”.   The consumer carried a full tray to their table and can’t carry less back to the bin.

And in our streets and rivers, an array of rubbish collected by street cleaners and floating river booms.   Save our planet? We can’t even save our streets.

Why do people litter when as a society we know better?   My view is it is often a rule-breaking look-at-me act, often carried out in the company of others.   It is also a sign of a person who cannot, will not, or does not accept responsiblity for their own actions.   A good question to ask them  is, “Where else in your life do you not accept responsibility?”   Failing to accept personal responsibility coupled with justification, whatever the reason,  is a classic sign of someone who is at risk of depression, and has yet to Discover Peace of Mind.

I doubt that we’ll ever get to the unfortunate situation of the Kabul River, but, it would be nice if our streets were a little cleaner.

Rodney Lovell