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A Sticky Situation

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A painter or a handyman?

Back in the summer of 2010, I remember one Sunday was particularly hot and humid. A typical Brisbane storm had drenched the city without any change in the temperature. Gushing gutters took away the water, and within twenty minutes the ground was dry.   But the increase in humidity was dramatic. Inside a small, rented unit, not too far from where I live, a fit but heavily pregnant young lady needed some supplies from the local store. She gathered her car keys, slipped on her shoes,  and opened the door…or at least she tried to open the door.   The door was stuck.   It did that from time to time. The increase in humidity swelled the door and made it stick a little. She’d been meaning to contact the owners to mention it, but a slightly sticking door wasn’t a big concern to her.   She was fit and always opened the door with a strong pull. Today, however, it was stuck well. Being a little more advanced in her pregnancy, her strength lagged.   She had a problem. She rang the owner.

My phone rang.  I listened to her story. I told her to leave the door unlocked and to stand clear of it. Within 10 minutes I was bounding up her stairwell. I turned the handle and slammed my shoulder into the door. It flew open.

Obviously, I couldn’t let this situation linger. I could’ve made the excuse that the cooler evening air would enable the door to shrink that minuscule amount that allowed the door to open easier. But that wasn’t going to be appropriate. I needed a screwdriver to undo the door, saw horses to rest the door on, an electric planer to take a few millimetres off the edge, drill and chisel to cut out new hinge recesses, paint & paint brush to repaint the edge, and any other little things that go with these type of jobs.   I needed all the tools and bits’n’pieces that I used to own but had given away back in 2006.

Briefly, I wished I still had all my old tools. Everything I’d acquired over twenty years when, like many blokes,  I used to maintain and improve the home I had lived in.  Rather than get a tradesman, I had a shed full of tools for paving, painting, building. Fixing washing machines, dryers and Christmas lights.   Plumbing, electrical.  Doors, walls, windows, floors.   Indoor or outdoor.    I’d done it all.   Now, I had nothing….except a phone, and one number. A painter or a handyman?

I rang Adam.   Adam the handyman.

I’ve used Adam to install locks, air conditioners and gates. Adam can repair nearly anything that’s broken. He can paint and pave.   Once, I asked Adam what he enjoyed doing most. He likes painting, but he enjoys the other trades because they give him variety. Adam reminded me that his portfolio of trades were all the skills he needed to be a complete handyman.   His description reminded me of other careers.  

Television presenters often have a career behind the screen – writing, producing, speaking, facilitating workshops and so on.

Some musicians write songs, sing, play an array of instruments, produce their album, and create album art. One of my old favourites, Jeff Lynne (from ELO), even learnt how to be a studio engineer.

Of course, housewives are extremely multi-skilled managing finances, people and a vast number of trades.

In my past, many of the roles I managed or worked in involved multi-tasking, such as, purchasing and procurement, warehousing and transport, finance and payroll, IT, database creation and testing, aircraPresenting can be done in many ways.ft load planning, administration and, system analysis. Yet, they all came under one heading – Supply Management.   These days I conduct Discover Peace of Mind workshops, give community talks, edit educational posters, provide voice for instructional videos, host receptions and events as Master of Ceremonies, marry people as a Marriage Celebrant, support the community as a Justice of the Peace, and complete all the little things that go with running a business.  Like Adam, I love having the variety, yet nearly everything I do is involved with my passion – presenting and connecting with people.

I have a different set of tools for presenting.   They are not at all useful for home maintenance!  One call to Adam and he got the job done.   What a relief….for both me and my tenant.   Sometimes I’m happy to pay a bill! As Harvey Mackay says (the author of “Swim With The Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive”), ‘If you can buy your way out of a problem, you don’t have a problem’. I wish I’d learnt that lesson earlier than I did!


Rodney Lovell