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Do you know someone with urge incontinence? I bet you do, but you won’t know it.

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Now here’s a topic I never thought I’d find interesting… Urge Incontinence. Some people may know it as overactive bladder, or, detrusor instability.   Here’s why it’s interesting to me….

Urge incontinence affects millions of women. Millions!   But you wouldn’t know, because people don’t talk about it. So, if urge incontinence is not interesting to you, do me a favour please…pass this information on to the women in your life – friends, family, colleagues – because some of them WILL find it desperately interesting, you won’t know who, because they often don’t talk about it..

What is urge incontinence?  Briefly, urge incontinence is an uncontrollable urge to urinate, and the urge can be so powerful you may not have time to make it to a toilet.  It affects all ages & health types including young, fit, intelligent, healthy women.  

Often the only time you hear about incontinence is in ‘ jokes’ told by people who don’t care about the feelings of those around them, or, the myth that it only affects pregnant women or elderly women.

Will my doctor know about urge incontinence?  Urge incontinence is often treated by medication.   The medication often has hugely unpleasant side effects. In my work helping men overcome depression and discover peace of mind, I talk on the very unpleasant side effects of depression medication. It staggers me that the side effects are sometimes so bad, they alone could cause depression!   With urge incontinence,  statistics show only a low proportion of women persist with the medication long-term because of the side effects.   To me, the medical world is not always as helpful as it could be. RubiGraphicFull

The other commonly prescribed treatment for urge incontinence is bladder retraining. This theory, in a nutshell, is ‘hold on’ until a scheduled toilet break.    You’ve got to be joking!  We’re talking incontinence and your medical advisor is suggesting holding on!   Combine unhelpful medication with a ridiculous regime of bladder retraining and often the problem becomes worse! Dianne discovered that bladder retraining alone often makes the problem worse, so STOP NOW if you’ve found it not working for you. It can make your problem harder to overcome!   No wonder women don’t talk about it.   

But someone now is.   A fit, healthy, intelligent Australian woman who defies the urge incontinence mythical stereotype was one of the millions affected by urge incontinence. After enduring tests, studies, and unhelpful treatment she stopped seeing the close-minded medical professionals who were simply wasting her time. She has reclaimed the responsibility for her own health and discovered a practical set of steps that has led to her amazing recovery from  a life time of urge incontinence. Now, she is making this information available to women everywhere.

This is the information that millions of women want to know.

Based in Brisbane, Dianne Read is known as one of Brisbane’s leading educators of adults.  Dianne currently works as an educational consultant, creating instructional educational movies and training educators. She has an art of taking complex information and presenting it in a way that is easy to absorb. People taught by Dianne have said, “You changed my life”, and, “This is the best training I have ever received”.   Dr Mary McMahon has seen a lot of educational delivery in her time. She says, “Dianne Read is the best teacher I have ever seen”.  

For as long as Dianne can remember she endured urge incontinence …and she didn’t discuss it with anybody for the first 30 years!   Then she went to medicos.   Now Dianne is stepping out of the shadows and putting her name and reputation on the line for the benefit of those millions of women that she is passionate about helping. Most women take 6.5 years before they will see someone – that’s a terrible burden for women to carry.

In a world first, Dianne has created a cutting edge system for overcoming urge incontinence.   She is creating a new website and writing a book.   But first, she wants to get the information into the hands of women who want help NOW.    Dianne is personally presenting her new system in a live 2-day workshop. You can see what she does, ask questions  and clarify any point. So what is her system called?

“The RUBI technique.”  It stands for Relax Under Bladder Impulse, which women in the know would understand. With discretion in mind, The Rubi Technique is a user-friendly name, unlike some of the titles used in the medical world – “incontinence trial”, “bladder retraining”, etc.

The Rubi Technique is a brilliant system that incorporates do-it-yourself physical and cognitive techniques and new daily routines that are very different to old-fashioned bladder retraining. Additionally, Dianne will provide all the necessary information you need to know to overcome urge incontinence.

The steps within The Rubi Technique are all backed by science….it’s just that nobody has previously put these pieces together in this unique way and applied it to urge incontinence.

Dianne’s workshops are currently held in Carindale, Queensland,  and for those who want to fly in, it’s accessible by bus from Brisbane Airport.

Take back control of your own health. Urge incontinence is not a medical problem, it’s YOUR problem, so, to paraphrase what I say to guys with depression….If you think you’re stuck with urge incontinence, think again.

It’s time to discover peace of mind, it’s the adventure of a lifetime.

To good health…

Rodney Lovell